Mexican Stablecoin

Moneda Token is backed by real world global assets including real estate, stocks, gold, cash and cryptocurrencies. The price of the token will always be equal to the Mexican Peso.

  • Pegged to the Mexican Peso

  • Backed by real world assets

  • Managed by a professional team of investors

  • Secured on the Ethereum Blockchain

  • Standard ERC20 token smart contract

Faster Cheaper Transactions

Using the Matic Network in conjunction with the Ethereum Blockchain Moneda will benefit from the many advantages and offer a superior service.

  • Extremely high speed transactions

  • Fees as low as a fraction of a penny

  • Plasma PoS validation for added security

  • Interoperable and scalable for maximum throughput

  • Fully decentralized system architecture

Mobile & Web App

The Moneda dApp will be both a mobile app for Android and iOS devices alongside a browser based webapp allowing users to transfer funds instantly to any place in the globe and redeem tokens from right within the app for the currency of their choice.

  • Android & iOS mobile app

  • Browser based webapp

  • Instant global transfers

  • Token redemption for choice of currency

  • Cheaper than any other provider







Want to Invest?

The Moneda Token will be priced and stable at the equivalent to $1 MXN which is approximately $0.05 USD. However the presale price will be 1 ETH : 200,000 MEX which is currently about $0.01 USD.

Presale goes live on March 1st and ends on March 31st 2021 via Bounce.Finance.